Monday, 23 February 2009

Back from Make-It!

The last four days have been jam-packed with a mixture of busy/fun/interesting & exhausting - not necessarily in that order! The show is now over and its been really good, it was great to meet up with friends and meet new ones! and met some lovely people that came along to our workshops.

"The Three Musketeers!"

(Michelle on the left, Pam in the middle and me on the right w/white shirt!)

Of course, how could I resist doing some shopping myself, although I must admit I was exceptionally good and didn't overspend at all! I restocked on a couple of tools and basic craft pieces that I was running low on, a few papers, I even bought a couple more new stamps.

BUT my "special" buy is something I have been toying with for some time and now I have done it.............I've gone Copic - yes, I have bought myself some copic markers to try out and if I like and above all actually get to grips with and achieve the results I expect then I shall be putting them on my birthday wish list! so any tips/advice from fellow copic users will be greatly received and appreciated!

My new babies - I'm just itching to start playing!


Carla said...

Beautiful stamps... And I can't tell you something about the Copics. I don't have one... But I heard something about it by friends and they are very happy with them...


Anonymous said...

You got some very pretty stamps. How fun using them :)

Hugs, Vanja

Lynne-d-lou said...

Hi Maria. Lovely stamps and can't wait to see your work using your new markers. Havn't got any myself so will be interested to see what you think!
Love Lynne. X

Adele said...

After reading your comment I just had to pop back across and say hello. I don't get much time for hopping ATM but can I just say, you HAVE got enought Copics there for a project. I coloured ther latest Dottie Download collection with just 12 pens. LOL....but my next 36 were on order very soon afterwards!!

Thanks Maria.

love Dingle.xx

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