Monday, 27 April 2009

An Award!

As you are aware, I have been away, from blogland for a bit due to various things going on around, and I have been catching up over the last week......I was hoping to have started posting some projects, but had so much work to catch up with, it just hasn't been possible....but I have been reading up on all the comments that you have left me and also the emails that have been sent and trying to get back to all those had questions and queries, and now only have about three more left to get back to.

But I just wanted to post this award that
Kim over at Poppy Petal Designs gave me, as I ve always said and maintain, it is always a privilege to receive these awards, they are motivating and VERY much appreciated.

I now need to pass this award onto five other here goes........

Lynsay (not only her blog, but because she always makes me smile!)

I could go on and on..........but instead I will just say a big thank you to everyone!


Lynne-d-lou said...

Thanks Maria.An award that you really deserve and I appreciate you passing it on to me.

Lol. Lynne. XXX

Moni said...

Waw thanks for the award,and congratsfor the award you deserve it! Hugs, moni

Aunty Sue said...

oh i got one to it is so nice to receive them. While i am here did i miss the post on the candy winner. Like to pop by and visit and say congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria! Congratulations on the award, you deserve it!

And I have something for you on my blog, too.
Hugs, Vanja

Lynsay Joanne said...

Hi Maria

Thank you so much for my award, i like to make people smile!! thanks for becoming a follower i was feeling a bit un loved there for a while, but i am feeling the love now.

See you in a week and a bit Lynsay xxx

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