Sunday, 29 November 2009

Megaliscious (if that's a word!) Blogcandy!!!'s finally here, the long awaited "Mega blog candy" that I have been promising you, are you ready for it??!!.......

There are quite a few goodies to this one, if you click on the picture you can get a close up of the goodies. Not to mention that there will also be a second prize!!!!!

Goodies include: A brand new Spellbinders "Wizard" a wizard impressability plate, set of Joanna Sheen dvd's, paper lace rolls, distress crackle paints, umount, glitters, bling, design papers, 4 Sugar Nellie stamps, beads, grungeboard, hitch fastners, mixed ribbon, Fancy Pants ribbons, Spritzer bottles, Empty glitter bottles, Anti-static bag, twinkling H20's, 13 unmounted stamps of various images and 2 large background unmounted stamps....

And this is Prize #2

The goodies here are: Some mixed ribbons, a Joanna Sheen Messy Rabbit stamp and Joanna Sheen's Vintage Christmas dvd (which is fab!!)

I will be running this blog candy over December and drawing the winner just after the New Year and this time in order to win these fab goodies all you have to do is leave your answers to the following question in this post. Question: What is your top crafting tip that you have found to be invaluable to you? And as per usual, in order to get yourself a double entry just post about my blog on your blog and thats it!!...

Ok Goodluck and see you back here soon with some projects I have on the go.....


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Claudi said...

Hi Maria,

what a wonderful Candy. I´ve linked it to my sidebar.

My favourite crafting tip? Use foil to stamp on first than see how to place it on your work. Thats great, never again misty paper.

Greetings from Germany


BaNessa said...

Megalicious is definatly a word now! Your blog candy is definatly that. I'm new to all this blogging/cardmaking/crafting world so what I've learned in my short time is that sometimes you have to spend more money on the nicer stuff because it works better and lasts longer. For instance glue... can't get any old glue because it falls apart. I'm going to try SU glue next. Wish me luck.

Enthia said...

Yummy candy.
I linked it on my blog.
I hope to win this candy.

Greetings from Poland :)

Agus :) said...

wow lovely blog candy!, thank you for the chance to win! I alredy linked your candy on my sidebar and I also a follower(:
The top craftiung tip I found was the Cricut, is amazind i really love it!

Raven said...

My top crafting tip is dont go cheap. I buy a lot of stuff onsale but cheap is a whole other matter. Dont do it when it comes to tools ie cutting board, punches, scissors etc. Happy holidays!

Doreenobrn said...

What a great blog candy my craft tip would be to invest in a good paper trimmer, Doreen

Marisa said...

Hi Maria,
thanks for the chance to win such gorgeous candy!
My best crafting tip would be to try and store all your crafting items in clear see-through containers so that you don't forget what you have, and your goodies don't go unused.
Marisa xx

Glennis said...

fantastic candy

My tip is to use eyebrow tweezers to place items on my cards

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

I'm not sure what my top crafting tip would be but I would say, as a Cricut owner, waiting for great deals on Ebay to buy cartridges has been invaluable to me. I've found some really great bargains on there!

Thanks for hosting this uberlicious candy!

Rufus said...

WOWSA! You're not kidding about MEGA candy! Oh, I can feel it calling to me! Only one tip??? Ok, I guess if I only get one I'll go with baby wipes! They clean up ink, stamps, glitter, fingers, glue, well you get the idea. Thanks for the chance at such "Megaliscious" candy!

Bev said...

Copic pens, loving them, just go to to do better with my shading.
ty for chance of winning this wonderful candy.
happy new yr.
linked to my sidebar.

Knerten said...

Hello Maria,
what an awesome candy - so many goodies that I would just love to receive ! I am a follower, and have linked your candy in my sidebar on my blog
I am very thankful for the opportunity to win this candy !
Wishing you a Happy New 2010 !

Knerten said...

Yeah, and I forgot to say; a score pal is a definite must ! In addition to my ProMarker pens of coz...

Renata van Miltenburg said...

Unbelievable what a fantastic blogcandy! There are product I've never heard of before so I would love to see irl what it is and try it!! :D

The best tip I can give is a blog about storage and you can find it here:
A great blog with MANY tips how to storage your craft supplies.

Warmest regards, Renata

Kelly Schelske said...

Awesome blog candy, megaliscious is a great word!! I have posted in my sidebar as well!

My biggest crafting tip...hmm, not sure on that, but taking the Copic Certification class certainly was awesome!

Hugs, Kelly

Annie said...

Oh my Maria, your candy is so totally awesome!! :)

My best tip would be to definately save every little piece of paper for scraps, you can always use it later :) he-he-he and to always try something different.
Here is my blog:

Jenni said...

Wow, what a fantastic candy for some lucky crafter! My tip is to use Promarkers for colouring stamped images - they just make it so easy and give fantastic results! Off to link your candy on my sidebar. Happy New Year!
Jenni x

Karen said...

I think my best tip was to buy a stampmajig....I hate crooked sentiments and I never have that problem anymore.

SVIT said...

Such a great candy! I couln't resist it!!! Maria thank you very much for you generocity! I've posted your candy to my blog (second side bar here:

My top crafting tip is distressing and using vintage images. Also I have just got Cuttlebug machine for Christmas, so I think it will be my top crafting tip as well!

Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for the chance to win!

Siri Fjørtoft, Fjørtoft Design said...

What an amazing candy!!! I am in awe... :-)

My top crafting tip is trust your own creativity. When I stoped second guessing myself my craft became so much more!

I´ve made a link in my candybar!


Mel said...

Hi and Wow what yummy cand and sooooo much, thank you very much for this chance and good luck all:)
I have to say my top tip is when you peel off the backing tape from your double sided tap apply some pritt stick or similar dry glue stick to the sticky part too give you more time to set it in place and have a bit of movability :)
off to pic link on my side bar for all to see :)
Mel x

tamara davis said...

thanks for a great giveaway! I would have to say the most valuable tip I have is to try something new. Your crafting can only get better if you try new techniques and step out of your comfort zone. I've learned so much over the last 9 months of really exploring and I love so many of the things I've learned and seen.

Anne said...

WOW! What totally astonishing candy, thanks so much for the chance to win.

Top tip: Never do any one thing for more than 45 mins at a time. Stop and change what you're doing for 5 mins. If you were colouring then get up and cut some papers, hang the washing out, something different. Saves you a lot of back and neck pain :) A more specific craft one is to use clear embossing powder on black pigment ink, not vice versa. Stops the little black flecks everywhere.

Happy New Year!

Helene said...

Wow, what a generous candy!
The more valuable tip I learnt is how to mask an stamped image. Love to do that.

Thanks for the chance to win these yummy stuffs.
I wish you a happy New Year


Marushy said...

a nice Candy and thanks for the chance to win :)

Happy new year


Jessica said...

Something to drink is always good. I find food to be a distraction but a nice ice cold drink on a warm day or a warm cup of hot chocolate is perfect.

Thanks for the chance to win. I'm now a follower and posted about your site on my blog.

Queenie Jeannie said...

OHMYGOODNESS! Look at all that delicous loot!!! LOVE IT!

My #1 tip is really the only "rule" I follow, and that's to NOT compare myself (and my creations) with anyone else. Everyone is at different stages of crafting and has different talents. Otherwise, I'm really too hard on myself.

And good snail adhesive. It's a must have!!!

Tina said...

Wow! Thanks for the chance at some awesome candy. The best tip I've recently learned is with coloring with copics: coloring lightest to darkest and it's best to use 3 or 4 colors for the best shading. I've also linked your candy on my sidebar:

Donnas Den said...

Hi Maria,

What a great candy giveaway. My top tip would be to bloghop as you see so many good ideas. My best discovery this year has been Prismacolour pencils and Odourless spirit. They are a cheaper start than Markers and even beginners like me can achieve great results.

I've put your candy in my sidebar, so hopefully that qualifies for two entries. Happy New Year for tomorrow!!

Donna xx

kleinroedi said...

What a wonderful candy.

The top crafting tip I found was stamping with clear stamps

Thank you for the chance to win


my tip: have an inspiration board for when you feel uncreative

Funkelzauber said...

Hi Maria!
This is a great blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win!!

My tip is, follow your heart and make a card with your own style. It is the best, you can do!!!

Ang said...

WOW what awesome candy, my top tip has always been Never be afraid to try anything, if you are you will never know what "could have been"

angel4031 said...

WOW Such a MEGA Candy thanx for the chance to win, I've linked you on my sidebar.

It took my ages to learn how o mask images but now I know how to do it & I LOVE IT!!! xx

Happy 2010!

li-bee-ti said...

What a gengerous candy!
My tip: keep your stash organized, so you can find everything you want/need when ever you wish.

happy new year and tnank you for the chance to win!

Linda said...

Great candy.... so generous! My helpful invaluable tip... "wash your hands after sponging before you touch the white cardstock" Yep.. after many destroyed cardstock (with images already stamped) I learned my lesson.

Thanks so much!! you can find your link to this blog candy there!

Amanda said...

wow...wonderful candy, thank you

My tip would be to always work in one direction when applying dst, that way you ensure you cover every corner hard to explain in words.


maddy hill said...

wow thats some candy !!!!! Happy New year Maria !

il put alink on my blog on the sidebar x

best tip ... lets see.....
oh yes one ...

Get your hubby/boyfriend into card making - you never have to hide recipts EVER again .... i should know ... I converted mine !!! heheeeeeeeeee !

julietk said...

Such Megaliscious candy I agree when words fail you make one up.
My crafting tip is always check the glue is the right glue for the job. And also if the project doesn't go as you had planned turn it into something else :-D Happy new year.

info said...

Wow - what a great selection of fun! Very generous indeed.

My top tip (off the top of my head)is to use a sharp blade whenever you are cutting cardboard with a Stanley knife and ruler. You get a cleaner cut and don’t have to go over it twice. I try not to cut too fast so I don’t get wonky cuts or even slip up the ruler.

I have also added your candy to my new blog.

Thanks for a fun opportunity.


Leah the Orange said...

fabulous, yummy candy!
i about fainted when i dropped by for a visit! :)

top crafting tip, you say? well i have learned to stamp a bunch of images out when i decide i want one, so i can colour them whenever i'm in the mood and have them ready for a project when it's time to get busy. i'll be sure to stamp on white, ivory, and often kraft, so that i always have an image ready and don't have to fuss with stamps and inks and cleaners. they're ready for me when i need them!

(have plopped your candy in my sidebar, and SO have my fingers crossed!)
thanks for the opportunity, Maria! :)

Yvonne said...

My top crafting tip is to buy and use a really good quality pair of fine scissors, preferably one with a protective covering over the top when not in use.

Chrissie said...

Hi Maria,
What generous candy, thanks for the chance to win this.
My best tip would be, when making a card start with the papers and then colour your image to match. It makes life so much easier than trying to find papers to match your colouring!

Chrissie said...

Just popped back to let you know I've posted a link and photo on the sidebar of my blog HERE

Sheng said...

Oh, delicious candy!!!

My advice, invest in some storage for all your items. You don't have to spend lots of money, just get something that works for you.

I've linked your candy on my sidebar.


Malin E said...

Hi i would love to join.And I love mu distress coulours that I paint with.
Have a nice day!!

helen said...

posted to my blog!

flowerdisco said...

wow, this candy is so sweet. My tip will be get a sponge brush and trim it to your liking to ink all the intricate cuts for more definition.

mE said...


I think Megalicious should be a word! LOL! That is one amazing bit o' candy!

I came across a really cool quote today about creativity..

"It’s hard living in an uber-competitive culture to remember that creativity and making things is not a contest. Or a test. Or a race." -Sarah Bush

I think that is the best piece of crafty advice I have heard in a long while. Don't let yourself get caught up in trying to be the best of the best.. be yourself and enjoy the journey.

~Inky Smiles!

I've linked to you in my sidebar :)

Katarina said...

My crafting tip is to get a mini papercutter to have next to you for those small papercuts. That way you don't have to run to your large one every time you want to cut something small.

Manunamoral said...


I adore everything that if relates the glue, stickers are my passion.

Adored its blog and its we mimos.

A kiss.


Liz said...

Just found your blog, hope I am not too late to enter the blog candy. Going to have a good read of your blog, looks like there is lots of inspiration

tanja said...

wow...wonderful candy, thank you

My tip would be make your stamp clean with babylotion cloths not parfum in it by by tanja

dee1219 said...

Ok, so my favorite tip is to save all of those catalogs you get in the mail! I use them for stamping backgrounds or small papers. It saves on computer paper. When your done all you have to do is turn the page. I have linked you as well!!

Nelly'Scrap said...

Hermoso candy! Gracias por la oportunidad de ganar! Felicitaciones por el blog. Saludos desde Argentina.

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