Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sports Day!

Today was Sports Day for my Emma, like her brother she is very competitive and therefore determined to do and win all, but ultimately to win the 'twice round the track race' which her brother had won 3 years in a row before moving onto 'big school', she is determined to match his efforts and where possible do better, and today in most of her elements she either came 1st or 2nd, but much to her disspointment she came 2nd in the track race - we all thought how well she had done, but alas, for her this was not good enough - she was sooo dissapointed with 2nd place and despite all the well done's and pats on the back she was inconsolable UNTIL her brother (bless him!!) made a big fuss over her achievement - so despite all the squabling and bickering that often goes on between them, Big Brother, deep down, really does care!!...

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