Friday, 11 July 2008

Street Dancing

We went to see Emma's school 'Street Dancing' end of year show last night that they put on for the parents. It was really good and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I was only really annoyed with one thing - me and my photography!!! or should I say lack of it - I seriously need to go on a photography course!!! - I have, I believe a fairly good camera nothing fancy, but its ok, yet I still cannot manage to take good pics - especially in situtaions like this one with low light and the distance!! -

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Smiffy's Particrafting adventures said...

I think that I have found a camera that would sort out your problems! It's a Hewlett Packard that has a theatre setting and it seems to work. I'm not a great photographer but I manage to get decent shots with it. If you want more info, let me know. Glad the show went well and at least the school let you take photo's! lol. Pam

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