Wednesday 25 March 2009


I'm sharing something totally non craft related, but just thought I'd share this with you anyway.......As I mentioned, I was away for a while as I was unwell, and one of the things (or only thing!) that I managed to do was read.......I had been given by a good friend the 'Twilight' books - yes all four of them - I had them a while and just hadn't got round to reading any - I heard about the film, saw the trailer, meant to go see it, but didn't get round to that either!!!!! Anyway, I started reading Twilight (the first book in the series) and to cut a long-ish story short - I read all four books within 5 days - I have NEVER read so much in so little time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To say I was hooked, is an understatement - I loved the books/story from start to finish and now I just cant wait to see the film which I believe is out on dvd on 6th April. If you're into the whole fantasy/Harry Potter type thing I believe you will love it!


Kimmi said...

Hi :o)

I read same books in same amount of time, and having a 6month old made that hard haha... to say she was neglected (well, she wasnt really). I fell in love with Edward... I was soooo jelous of Bella. And poor Jacob! the list goes on haha.. A complete Twilight saga fan! I have just bought an unofficial guide to the first three books. Will be cracking that open soon!!!

Kim xx

Froggy said...

I read all 4 pretty fast too but I had to wait for #4 to come out and it was torture!! since those I have branched out to other supposedly "teen" genre...PC Cast has a great series house of night..LJ Smith has some great series out like the secret circle series, vampire diaries and the night world series...they are releasing these in omnibuses and I got quite a few at walmart. There are quite a few others that are worth a read too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I plan to read the books as i heard that they are extremely good! And you read all four in five days! Wow!

Have a lovely evening

Calise said...

Oooooh! I love these books! We're still on the last one, but my husband is reading it with me so I certainly can't complain :) (love the widget btw)
That's one of my favorite things about them, that so many men like them bc Edward is so cool. My husband, dad and two brother-in-laws have read them and loved them!
*sigh* Gotta love Twilight
(and your blog :) ).

Becki and Alan said...

I hadn't heard of these, Maria, so thanks for the recommendation. I finished reading Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy a few weeks back, and had been wondering what to turn to next.

I'll look forward to reading them!


Sheri said...

Ah yes, you have become one of us! LOL I probably read all of mine in a week. The books are much better than the movie but I still saw the movie. I have no idea where my original Twilight book went, I think it's been read by 5 or 6 people by now. It's very addictive! :)

Kimmi said...

I just saw a post on BBC that the second book - New Moon is being made into a film - They started shooting it! I cant wait for the 6th april for Twilight to be released !!

Kim xx

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