Sunday 19 September 2010

OMG!! - How long has it been???!!!!

Far too long.......and not only on the blogging side of things either!!! To say I'm having withdrawal symptoms - is a total understatement!!!! However, I just had to break this awful pattern at least to give you this incredible news...............

Yes, you guessed it.......lil' o' me and a friend are going to this incredible event on the 25/2/11. Oh we are so super excited (thats an understatement too!!!!!) we're counting down!!!....
Let us know if you are coming too - it will be fab!!!

Will desperately try to update my blog as soon as I can - but it's also Ally Pally next week and we will be there working all do stop by the Particraft stand and come say hello........

P.S. Does anyone know how to stop these riddiculous comments I keep getting about buying flowers and chocolates - obviously a blog form of spam and very annoying!!!!

lol xx

Sunday 18 July 2010

So Proud!!!......and a "little" news?!

Once again, I find myself so behind with my blogging! - I have to admit that a few weeks ago I had a little set back with it, some of you will know why :-( - I'm not going to bother with the details 'cause its just too crazy!! - BUT, I have just been itching to post this blog, for which I put together very quickly, this 'cricket' card.

Last week my oldest was selected to play cricket for the youths (u17) England team :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) (lots of smiley faces!!!). We are proud parents anyway, but after all the hard work, training etc that he has put in, its just such an achievement - he's excited and we are all excited for him too.......hence the reason why I had to put together this card so quickly, as we found out Tuesday (pm) and were going out for dinner Thursday to celebrate- not to mention how lucky I was to come across a cricket stamp plate, as I didnt have one and trying to find a card in the shops (yes, I'm afraid I have to admitt that I often find myself having to buy cards....a little thing called 'lack of time'!!! - except really special occassions!) was a dead end! - Anyway, I found one and managed to get it made by Thursday!....

Now I also do have a 'little' news, and if you're one of my friends/followers on facebook - (there's a FB link on side), you'll be able to see what I'm talking about! - sorry bloggers!!! - just takes too long to download pics on here!.

Anyway, all for now - hope to be back soon (always hoping!!!!) with some new Xmas projects...yes, I did say "Xmas" lol xx

Tuesday 6 July 2010

A First and a Last!!

A few weeks ago was Sports Day at my two youngest's school, and this year was a bit eventful as it would be Emma's last Sports day before moving onto High School, but also Nicholas's first! - I even let Michael (Big Bro) take the day out of school to come watch and support - (and to think it wasn't that long ago that he left there!!...and now at only 14 nearly 15 - he towers over me!)

Emma - ready for the beanbag throwing!

Just finishing a race

(Emma & Cherie)
John's House (i.e the yellow team!)
Year 6 - Class of 2010
Having a little break!
Beanbag throwing!!
Nicholas with his friend Luke.
Just about to start the egg and spoon race.
Nicholas with his friend Noah.

It was a good day, the weather was really great!

So, my little girl moves on to high school, and I have 6 more years ahead of sports day - and I'm going to enjoy them all and not miss a single one (haven't done so far!), because time flies too quick, kids grow up so quick and before you know it they're off leading their own lifes. lol

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Hello Ladies!!

I had every intention of having writing this post ages ago - but - you know have things get!!!!! anyway, a couple of weeks ago (maybe even more now!!), I did a workshop for Maxine, and I have to say - what a lovely group of ladies they were - hope you all enjoyed the project and that I see you all again soon! lol

And when I find my version of the completed project I will post that here too, however, in the aftermath of getting everything away....I can't find it!!! so for now, some more pics of the ladies at work!!
....and some smiling faces!!

Saturday 19 June 2010

Playing with Julia!!

A lovely lady - Julia Andrus - (in middle of picture above) with a touching story and great products and we got to spend the whole day with her playing with her new Eco-green products and seeing all the different techniques and applications to do with them!!

And here is just a few of us.......the others left before we had chance to take group piccie!

Julia has been on both Create and Craft and Ideal World most of this past week launching her Eco-green products - check here if you'de like to know where to get your hands on these.

Back soon

Friday 11 June 2010

And the winner is.........................and "Save the Date"!!

Just dropping in very quickly to announce the long awaitied winner of last months blog candy. So without further-a-do...the winner is:

CARMEN ("The Vintage Rock Chic")
If you could email me (email on my sidebar) so I can get it out to you.

As always I would just like to thank everybody that participated and to everyone that takes the time to visit my blog, become followers and for all your wonderful comments.....without YOU it would mean nothing!!!

I'm still rushed off my feet at mo, busy with work, workshops, sample deadlines, kids, My birthday (thank you to all those that sent me messages, lul) life!!! - and as promised I shall try and get back with some new projects soon and more candy (a very unique candy!)

Now for my SAVE THE DATE!! what's that, you're all wandering - well, it's just that....for now, if you don't want to miss out, keep this date free - I will be posting more details shortly, but for now, if you want to be a part of a very special "Crafting" day, put in your diaries the following:

2nd October 2010
Feering, Essex
All day Workshop! (10-5)
Lunch provided
4 very talented instructors
Fab projects/techniques - all in all a fun day doing what you love amongst like-minded people
You'll not be dissapointed!

I will post more info/details soon, but if you think you might be interested drop me an email here, as we are already taking bookings.

Back soon - lol

Wednesday 26 May 2010

My First TGF & another Sweetpea!!

I have been seeing quite a few images from this company The Greeting Farm, the first one that actually caught my eye was the Edward character used in quite a few Twilight projects, but even then I was still somewhat unsure and never made the plunge of buying them UNTIL a couple of weeks ago I came across three TGF's that are a limted edition - The Cheeky Cherry's....well I just had to have!!!.....

This is "Cheeky Rockabilly" - I searched high and low here in the UK to get them, but eventually had to order them here. Ive now also bought myself a couple of the other characters that I initially liked, including Edward.....projects with those to follow!!.....

And finally here is another Sweetpea project, I just really love these too!!!!

Back with more soon AND stay tuned as I will soon be announcing some very exciting news about an event that will be happening in October 2010!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 12 May 2010


I thought it was about time I posted some candy for you - and seeing as I'm just loving my Sweatpea Stamps at the mo, I thought it would be the ideal "sweat candy" They are 3 brand new, already mounted and cut for you rubber stamps, I used my stamps to stamp out for you to see what they actually look like as its not always easy just seeing the rubber.

Anyway, in order for your chance to win, as before all you need do is just leave me a comment in this post by 31st May, link me to your blog mentioning my blog candy - only if you want (but if you do it gets you double entry in the draw!) and that's it. I will announce the winner here on my blog shortly after. Good Luck!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday 9 May 2010


A project at last!!!......I was truly having withdrawal symptoms, in fact Im still not quite over it!! It took me a while to get me going. I've had loads of ideas bouncing around and some fab new stamps that I have just been itching to get using, along side a whole load of new other goodies, yet when I finally sat down to get crafting, I was a bit lost!!!!!....I guess I forgot to tell my mojo that the craft break is over!!!

Anyway, I have been itching to use these stamps, which I just adore - they are from Sweatpea designs, the artist is Ching-Chou Kuiks fantasy art collection, and although I have ordered some from this US site - only because the UK shop didn't have the particular designs I wanted, but the UK shop is Crafts and Me. I finished this one today and have started on another which I will hopefully have finished soon!

I'm sure I've not done it justice, but they are lovely designs (I think!)

So Much Catching up to do!!!

I can't offer any's a simple fact that it has just been a VERY busy time!!! much so, that I am seriously having withdrawal symptoms as not only has my blogging been has my crafting!!!!!

However, today, for the first time in weeks, dare I say even months....I actually sat down to do some crafting (see my next post!). I have still been acquiring loads of new stuff, from new stamps, punches, papers, paints even a new cricut yes, today I thought, enough is enough!!!

Anyway, I will just post some piccies here just to kidda update you and will post my project in the next post.

Thanks for being patient and still dropping by! lol x

Stitches - February 2010
(From left to right: Lynne Gilbert, Me, TH as if he needs a mention!, Carol Jones, Karen Lines)

Watch out for these fab eco-friendly products launched at Stitches!

Day out at the show in Stevenage, despite the smile, I was feeling pretty low that day, but these guys soon put me to rights! lul xx
(Lynne, Me, Terry, Chris, Lynsay, and Lynne's Mum)

Ally Pally (April 10/11)
Picture courtesy of Pam (btw - check out Pam's delicious blog candy!!)

Thanks again to everyone lol xxx

Tuesday 6 April 2010

BSSS - aka Ali Pali!!

The April Show will take place on:

Sat 10th & Sun 11th April 2010

We look forward to seeing you there!

To find out more about the show log on to

Here’s what’s on offer:

■Over 60 retailers showcasing an amazing array of papercraft products
■FREE product demonstrations, offering advice and inspiration from the experts
■FREE prize draws and competitions
■FREE car parking, cloakroom and courtesy buses

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