Friday 27 June 2008

Once Upon A Time a Dinning Room!

I mentioned yesterday about my 'dinning room' aka 'craft room' so today, I thought I would post some pictures and you could see exactly what I meant. Very briefly, the reason why, is that the bedroom that was originally my craft room is needed to accommodate our new Au Pair, our study is a jam backed study already and so eventually I had no other choice but to sacrifice the dinning room. We are looking to build a workshop for me outside, but we've recently started to consider for now any entertainment is done in kitchen/breakfast room - not ideal - and if we havn't sorted something out by Xmas.....I don't know what we'll do!!!

Thursday 26 June 2008

Put on the Spot!...

I had an non stop jammed back day today, starting with Emma's Sports Day, a BIG food shop, taking my youngest to stay with his grandparents in London, getting back just in time for dinner and then my friend popped round to pick up a fancy dress costume she is borrowing, with her sister-in-law, who subsequently became fascinated with my dining room aka my 'craft room' (don't ask - long story!!...) one thing leads to another and she then asked me if I wouldn't mind showing her how she could use one of my stamps she saw that she really liked.....its almost 11pm......and not being able to refuse, I made this card in all of about 10mins with paper, adirondack pens, wizard nestabillities and some cs glitter and my printer for the phrase....of course I would have loved to be able to show something better i.e cs fibres/films etc., but it was late my friend wanted to get home - but she really loved it and I got to take a picture before she left with it and she now wants to try and get some friends together to hold a party!

Sports Day!

Today was Sports Day for my Emma, like her brother she is very competitive and therefore determined to do and win all, but ultimately to win the 'twice round the track race' which her brother had won 3 years in a row before moving onto 'big school', she is determined to match his efforts and where possible do better, and today in most of her elements she either came 1st or 2nd, but much to her disspointment she came 2nd in the track race - we all thought how well she had done, but alas, for her this was not good enough - she was sooo dissapointed with 2nd place and despite all the well done's and pats on the back she was inconsolable UNTIL her brother (bless him!!) made a big fuss over her achievement - so despite all the squabling and bickering that often goes on between them, Big Brother, deep down, really does care!!...

Monday 16 June 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend my daughter and her best friend had their shared birthday party, we took 18 girls and 3 boys to Coral Reef (a swimming activity center - slides, rapids that sort of thing) which everyone really enjoyed and then had 8 back for a sleepover.....great fun until Sunday morning at 6.44 a.m when they all decided to come up the stairs screaming - not the kind of wake up dad was expecting on Fathers Day!! - but girls will be girls...Anyway, after all the girls and boys went home (about +/- 11ish) Dad got his Fathers day card and pressie and lots of attention!!!

Needless to say with all this going on there's not been anytime for crafting and today I've taken the day to clear up the aftermath - I keep walking past my craft room very tempted to go in a do something, but I must resist, I've only just sat down in front of the computer now to catch up on emails etc whilst I have a up of tea and a sandwich! - hopefully all back to normal tomorrow as I have some projects and samples that I really want to get working on.

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Finally! - An Update...

I can't believe it's been nearly a whole month since I last updated my blog, I have been really busy and actually away for some time. But now I'm back, I have managed to get a few more samples made and will be posting them here later. I did a Particraft party for a colleague last week and although I intended to take some pictures the only pictures that were in fact taken were of the sample board on the mantle as pictured here. The party went really well, not everyone turned up as planned which was dissapointing, but on the whole I was happy with how it went and I now have some extra workshops booked up from it too.
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