Sunday, 29 November 2009

Megaliscious (if that's a word!) Blogcandy!!!'s finally here, the long awaited "Mega blog candy" that I have been promising you, are you ready for it??!!.......

There are quite a few goodies to this one, if you click on the picture you can get a close up of the goodies. Not to mention that there will also be a second prize!!!!!

Goodies include: A brand new Spellbinders "Wizard" a wizard impressability plate, set of Joanna Sheen dvd's, paper lace rolls, distress crackle paints, umount, glitters, bling, design papers, 4 Sugar Nellie stamps, beads, grungeboard, hitch fastners, mixed ribbon, Fancy Pants ribbons, Spritzer bottles, Empty glitter bottles, Anti-static bag, twinkling H20's, 13 unmounted stamps of various images and 2 large background unmounted stamps....

And this is Prize #2

The goodies here are: Some mixed ribbons, a Joanna Sheen Messy Rabbit stamp and Joanna Sheen's Vintage Christmas dvd (which is fab!!)

I will be running this blog candy over December and drawing the winner just after the New Year and this time in order to win these fab goodies all you have to do is leave your answers to the following question in this post. Question: What is your top crafting tip that you have found to be invaluable to you? And as per usual, in order to get yourself a double entry just post about my blog on your blog and thats it!!...

Ok Goodluck and see you back here soon with some projects I have on the go.....


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Elaine A said...

Hello Maria -

If Megaliscious was not a word before, it is now! WOW! How extremely generous of you to give away such fantastic Blog Candy. And then, you have a 2nd blog candy, when you decide to do Blog Candy, you do it big - LOL!

Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Elaine Allen

Ирина (ikrinka) said...

Hello, Maria!
I very much like your works! Thanks for inspiration!

Ciacchina said...

Ciao! che meraviglioso e generoso candy!
non saprei dirti quale suggerimento si è rivelato più prezioso per me... di sicuro, da quando mi hanno insegnato a tenere i tamponi dei timbri in posizione orrizontale e a testa in giù, mi sono accorta di fare degli inchiostraggi migliori...
grazie, ora vado a mettere il tuo link nella barra laterale destra del mio

Moni said...

Waw so fab candy, love to win it!
When I found distressing I use it every time! I linked you on my blog! Hugs,moni

Scrapbookdoll said...

My top crafting tip that i have found to be invaluable to me is
3d pictures that simply does not work for me

Kleine85 said...

Oh wow, a great candy!

I linked you on my sidebar!

The top crafting tip I found was embossing with the cuttlebug, I love it!



Unknown said...

Wow! What a fantastic candy! Thanks for the chance to win!

My top tip would be to add a little bit of wet glue (like pva) when I'm matting and layering along with tape, that way you can be sure it would fall apart when it has been sitting for a while - which is my biggest fear!

I'll go now and add you to my side-bar.
Thanks again

Sheena xx

Vel said...

Baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes! They work for cleaning stamps, wiping down table surfaces, craft mats and hands. Invaluable to me.

Kristin said...

What a wonderful candy! :D I'd love to be the lucky one! ;)

Besides sissors and glue, one of my must-haves is a little tweezer! :)

Merry said...

I am not advertising as I don't sell the stuff but my one discovery that I just love is the matching card packs at Stampin Up. I just love the fact that if I pick a piece of card from one set that all the other colours will work with that card. Thanks so much for a chance in your candy. I have put you in my sidebar.

Elaine said...

My tip: Always keep a stash of good chocolate on hand - it distracts you when things don't go the way you wan them to and keeps you from being unhappy! lol

gocanucksgo said...

Hi Maria!!! WOW, this is an amazing giveaway (you're so sweet!). I think my top tip would be to use what you have. You don't need to buy those fancy tools (although I still wish I had them lol) to make something from the heart =) I'll be posting about this giveaway on my blog. Keep up the amazing work and thanks!!!!!

AndreaM said...

Wow, Maria,
thank you for offering such amazing candy!
I added a link to the sidebar of my blog.
I don't want to miss my cuttlebug anymore - cutting and embossing is so easy now!


Nikki said...

Hi Maria,

Your Candy is so delish thanks so much for WOW and 2 tries too I've linked you in my sidebar to spread the word
Tips I love
Save the packages to make shaker cards, Orderless Solvent to blend Pencil crayons I use to only burnish my work (color white over the image) , Blog Hop and see lots of inspiration it really helps give new ideas. When shopping and you want to try something new buy one to see if you like it 1st.
thanks for the chances
Linked here
hugs Nikki

kelly ledder said...

Oh what wonderful candy, please add my name to your draw it is very very generous and someone is going to be very lucky!!
My tip that has proved to be invaluble is when I am adding glitter to small images such as dots or something with a fine edge like a star I use the end of a drawing pin to apply the glue and it give me a perfectly fine edge and perfect amount of glue to emboss the image!

Jacilynn said...

Wow, what a great candy! Your blog is fabulous! I'm off to link your candy!

Claude said...

Wow, what generous candy!
My tip? Clear out your area before you start a new project. That way, you head is clear and can get inspired!
I linked you in my candy jar on my Life and Tribulations blog.

Mary said...

Wow thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy! The best crafting tip I have gained is layering images. I can't think of a bad crafting tip. Everything that I have seen and tried I have fallen in love with.


Mary said...

Hi Maria,

I'm back to let you know that I just added the picture of your candy and a link back to you in the sidebar of my blog.


mary45 said...

Thanks for the offer of winning your very generous blog candy. Thank you soo much!
My tip is: When you are feeling down and depressed or lonely.
Just try and make the simplest of cards. Time passes and you are in your own little world and yes you do feel better and you can do it!
My other tip is ****
When buying secondhand wooden stamps. I always clean them first then I don't mind using them!
Thanks once more for the blog candy.
Your very kind and inspiring.
Sorry but don't know how to make a decent blog page. Mary45x

Susan said...

Wow - such generosity! Thank you!
My top tip is recycle, recycle, recycle! Esp. household items - saves a fortune and its amazing what you can do with a bit of old cardboard!!!
I have linked you in my blog sidebar!

Cheri said...

I've linked you up on my blog!

My tip: I don't have anything original, but I do find myself using one tip often. When I'm coloring, I always color from lightest to darkest so I can lay on the right amount of color....except when I used chalks - then it's the reverse!

Tracy said...

What delicious candy, my top tip is - when using flat backed gems that are NOT self adhesive I use a pokey tool with a bit off white tack on the end to get the gem out of the tub and hold while I add the glue. Then you can place it where you want and with tweezers to knock it off the white tack. hope it makes sense. I've linked your candy on my blog and I'm already a follower. Thanks for a chance to win.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Татьяна Шаргородская said...

My top crafting tip that i have found to be invaluable to me is glue gun! It glues everything very quikly, ant you don't have to wait while glue will dry up!
I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy".
Thanks for a chance to win!


Rosa Forino said...

WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy.. Thanks for a chance to win..
saluti dall'italia public tomorrow the post on
Hugs, rosa
non saprei dirti quale suggerimento si è rivelato più prezioso per me... i tuoi sono tutti preziosi...

Stampin Mindy said...

Wow what a great give a way, My best crafting tip is to ALWAYS clean up after your finshed with a project it will give you the inspiration to craft the next day.. a messy room or area isn't as appealing. :)

Have a lovely day, I've posted your candy on my sidebar.

Marion said...

Hi Maria, What Megaliscious candy you are offering. My top tip which is invaluable to me is to use cocktail sticks for applying small dots or lines of PVA glue. If I try to use from a nozzle I always get it everywhere. With the cocktail stick it goes exactly where I want it to be. Thanks for the chance and I am now going to link on my sidebar.

Lynne said...

A tip I find useful is to tap the anti-static bag onto shrink plastic prior to shrinking. It helps stop it sticking to itself.

Also, put a small blob of say glitter glue onto a small piece of waste card when glittering your card. This way you can test the 'waste' piece rather than your project card. It's always so tempting to touch before it's dry!

Great blog candy - fingers x'd
Best wishes.

Cazzy said...

Megalicious works for me! Have posted in my sidebar.

Cazzy x

all the days of our life said...

WOW!!! Megaliscious is so right. We will make it a word. WOW!!! And you are so talented I am so glad I found your blog.

The best tip was when I first started scrapping someone told me that when I cut I need to move the paper and not the scissors, my cutting techniques have improved so much, I use the same paper moving when I use a craft knife to cut.

here is a link to my blog.

Margie said...

Wow-thanks for a chance to win! My best scrapping tip-everything does not have to be in order. Scrap as the inspiration strikes!

The Taming of the Glue said...

What fantastic candy Maria! My tip would be to store unmounted rubber stamps, stamp the image onto a piece of white card then laminate it. The stamps can be popped on top of their pictures so you know where they are. Also, keep a notebook with the stamps that you have so when you're at a craft fair you don't buy the same ones...or is that just me!

Mo said...

Dear Maria,
your Candy is so delish thanks so much for the chance to win it!
I've linked you in my sidebar to spread the word.
My tip: a good cutting machine saves time and nerves...

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is an awesome candy! I added a link to your blog on my sidebar!
The most valuable tip for crafters is: Just craft the way you would like it, it'll turn out beautiful ;-)

Thanks for the chance to win!

Beccy said...

I love Megalicious - what a fab candy.

My tips would be to
1. Use the biggest scissors you can for cutting and move the paper not the scissors
2. Go with what you like - then you cant be wrong!
Beccy x

chenguna said...

Wow, what a price indeed! My biggest crafting idea to share would be to relax. I like to look around at blogs, magazine websites and galleries to get my creative juices flowing. And when I am overflowing with ideas I sit and scrap to hearts content. Thats it!
Michelle M.

pamala said...

Holy cow!!! Those prizes are megaliscious and more!!! :)
My craft tip - keep large and medium ziplock bags near your scrapy area. When you are finished with a project put the leftovers or scraps in a zip bag and save for a smaller project like cards or tags. You can also quickly punch out some random but often used shapes (label, flower, circle, star)and put them in your zip bags too. Then when you are in a hurry, just grab your zip bags and whip out a card or small project quickly. You can sort your zip bags by theme, color, or manufacturer, whichever you prefer.

Nataša said...

Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous candy. I've became your follower and put your candy picture with the link in my sidebar .

My tip: never throw away any piece of paper, you never know, when it might come in handy.
hugs, Natasa

Susie Little said...

Wonderful candy thank you for the chance to win!
Cut off pieces of card perfect sizes for matching gift tags or scrapling cards!

Susie x

фрау Штольц said...

One of my must-have is crft punch from Martha Stewart

Thank you you for the chance to vin!

kandistar said...

Now this isn't so much of a specific crafting tip but one thinkg that my Husband always tells me. Not to give up when I am making something because sometimes mistakes turn out to be some of the best creations that i have made, even if I don't like something and I just want to throw it out and start fresh, he encourages me to finish and then make a decision, on what i have made. Wow this is some nice blog candy, you are very generous, I have posted a link in todays post back to your site for this yummy candy!

Lisa said...

wonderful candy thanks so much for the chance to win I can't think of a useless tip right now

nnalorac said...

Megaliscious is a fantastic word to use discribing your so generous candy.
Take your camera when going to demos, if your anything like me can never remember what the cards looked like for future reference.
Thanks nnalorac x

Mateja said...

You are very generous with this canyd - megalicious thanks.
My tip: since I've found internet ... everything is possible.

Unknown said...

Fabulous candy Maria. Magaliscious indeed! I will add your candy on my blog.
The best tip I can give is for everyone to read all those on here. I've learned so much just reading the comments! Thanks for the chance to win.
Viv xx

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! What incredible blog candy! How generous! My best craft tip is don't be afraid to try something new. Sure, there will be a few disasters, but that's ok compared to all the new wonderful things you will create!

Unknown said...

I'm posting your candy on my blog


Jenny V. said...

Wow Maria this is such a mega blog candy you giving out. Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite tip is I use clear nail polish for the ends of my ribbon to stop from running/tearing. I love to use ribbons on my card .

Tatjana said...

WAAAAUUUUU !!!! Thank you for the chance to win.

Conservatory-Girl said...

I added a link in my sidebar and the perfekt tip for my art oft crafting: using gloves during distressing *lol*

Lynne in NI said...

WOW! Amazing candy! Thanks for the chance of winning!
My top tip is to use a little cocktail stick with a tiny bit of Blu-Tac on it to pick up little gems which are too fiddly for fingers!

Yuliya said...

Hallo! Many thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy.
I posted your candy on my sidebar, I'm a follower.

Ali Dantre said...

Hi Maria, You generous candy is awsome hun. Thanks for the chance to enter.
The most valuable tip for me is...perfect pearls works the same as spritzers!! beautiful to colour images too!
I have added your pic to my sidebar and linked abck here to your blog. Thanks again.
God Bless

Anastasija said...

Chrisd said...

My favorite tip is ribbons enhance everything... layers are great for oopsies, that way no one will ever know.
What lovely yummy treats you have!
I mentioned it on my sidebar and am a follower. Thanks for the chance at these surprises. Hugs from Michigan

Queen La Rubba said...


Here's my tip, it's a recipe for stamp cleaner. The ingredients are cheap and you'll make a LOT of refills with it too. It's really simple, mix:

2T Glycerine
1 squirt baby WASH
8 oz distilled water

I put it in a small spray bottle I found in Wal*Mart where the travel size toothpaste, deodorant, etc. are found. Spray on a sponge or stamp cleaning pad and wipe your stamp. The glycerine also helps keep your rubber in good condition.

Happy Holidays
Happy Crafting to you!

Matildy Jane Designs said...

Wow! What great stuff! I'm going to put this is my sidebar if I can figure out how! lol! (New blogger!)

My tip: I have tons of ribbon. I have a sterlite drawer for each color. I take it off the bolt and roll it around my fingers (takes up less room) and put it in little ziplocs. The ribbon stays neat and smooth and I can hold 2 fingers on the "spool" on the outside of the bag and pull out what I need. No unrolling in the drawer and no mess! When it gets down to a small amount, like a foot or so, I just drop that piece in to a quart mason jar on my shelf. Looks pretty and I have little scraps to use on cards and small projects.

Jessie said...

Wow, awesome candy! I love my Cuttlebug and find embossed cardstock always enhances a card. Jam or coffee jars make perfect homes for buttons and another tip would be to clean and tidy away as you work, you will appreciate not having a big mess to tidy away at the end. I will link your candy on my blog now, thanks for the chance to win!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Wonderful Candy, thanks for offering it. I think the most valuable advice was to always stamp your image at least twice. It's either an extra to use next time or can replace what you may goof up! I most often stamp at least 2 or 3 when I get out my inks, and then the extra images are put into a small box and colored during Tv commercials!

Matildy Jane Designs said...

How do you link the candy on your own blog?

Gry-Beate said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win!!!
Glu dots on ribbon, made my life;o)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so generous an giving us crafters the opportunity to win these great items.
I have 2 tips, when alcohol markers dry up put some alcohol into them i.e. vodka and this can rejuvenate them as the ink may not be used up it can be the alcohol that has evaporated. My 2nd tip is when you see something in a crafters gallery you like, ask them how it was achieved, people are pleased to help.
Thank you

Creativika said...

Hi! What an amazing candy, thanks fot the chance to win all these goodies! I linked it on my sidebar.

Best wishes,

Creativika said...

P.S. And my second entry:) I have discovered a lot of interesting ways to use the distress ink, and I like it a lot!! :)

BojaMoja said...

extremely generous of you!

Distress inks - invaluable tools

Engielilou said...

hello Maria !!!!!
wow !!! fantastic !!!!!

Helena (Gvendalen) said...

great candy!
I've a link you on my sidebar!
The top crafting tip I found was embossing with the cuttlebug, I love it!
Thanks for a chance to win.
Happy crafting

Nora said...

Megalicious? I like WORKS! *LOL* I've put a link for you in my sidebar.

My tip (& it's a toughie for most crafters) - stay organized as much as humanly possible. You don't want to double up on unnecessary supplies OR be scrambling around your space looking for something when an idea hits you.

Happy crafting!

Alienka said...

It's just great candy! I don't have words enough! :)))
The most useful tip I've read was: if you don't have inspiration, try something new - not like, that usually.
My link to your wonderful candy is on my left sidebar -

Big Mamma~ a.k.a. Mary S said...

Maria, Just started a blog and have added you as my first link. Stop by and see my some time. Here is my tip that made my crafting take a breeze.

I got tired of all my ribbon on spools laying in a box and having to look through the box for just the right one. I took a plastic hanger and at the top just about 1 ich down I cut through the plastic. Then just slid the spool of ribbon on and followed it down to the bottom of the hanger. I have organized a few hangers by ribbon color. You can get about 7 to 10 (depending on the width) on the hanger. Then you can just hang them in a closet or off a rack.

HazelQ said...

Wow!! This candy is megaliscious indeed! Thank you so much for the chance to win :) I linked the candy on my sidebar.
There are many tips I've found in amazing blogs, but I guess the one I remember the most is use what you have and be creative! I really like distressing paper but since I don't have a tool I just use a knife or scissors :)

Sandy Hentzel said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win.

My tip is glitter. Put a little glitter on any project and it is instant bling!

Sandy Hentzel said...

I blogged about your Megaliscious candy!!!

Kreativmonster said...

What a wonderfull candy! Thanks for giving us the chance to win!
From the moment I started to choose papers and cardstock before starting the colouring my cards quality changed remarkably!
I linked your candy to my blog's sidebar.

Tanya said...

Awesome candy Maria!!!!!!
I really want to be the lucky winner. Thank you for the chance to win! My tip - not to use high glue(3D glue). This material very quickly dries up, in some months all will fall. Instead it is better to paste a slice of a dense cardboard.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cathe said...

Hello Maria !
What a wonderfull candy !
My top crafting tips are stamps and inks
cathe ; http;//

paperpapier said...

i come, i saw, i conquer...i blog hop everyday to get inspiration from super talented crafter in the world at the comfort of my home..
Now i can't live without crafter blog world..

Anonymous said...

fab candy, my crafting tip is double sided tape - its fab, search around offers, reuse gift wrap, ribbons !

Kate x

Lauretta See said...


I Put stickles and glitter on almost all my cards.. i love it.. so i would have to say.. that this is my most favorite :))

Lauretta See said...

oups forgot to say.. i have added you on my blog also ;) so i am good for a 2nd chance ;) yayeeeeeeee!!

Anne Bélanger said...

Wow ! I hope to win this fabulous blog candy !!!
My tip: a good method of storage for my scraps papers. Like that I use and I save a lot of cardstock.

Ελευθερία said...

Wow... wonderfull candy!! thank you for the chance to win, I've linked you on my sidebar...

Well, since I am new to scrapbooking, I have one think to say... blog hopping... you find ideas of how to organise your page, how to use different materials...and then go for it!!!

hugs from Greece!!!

Elena said...

wow...what a candy....
thank you!!!!
so my tip is:use glitter glue. gives shine


Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Maria your Megaliscious Blog Candy is fantabulous (is that a word?)!!!. Thanks for the chance t win. I'm a follower and I've posted a link to your generous giveaway on my sidebar!

Here's my tip: I purchase large bags of plastic disks from the floral department and color them with Ranger alcohol inks..much less expensive than small bags of dew drops etc (and you can make as many as you need). I have an article on Custom Crops with even more tips for making your own embellishments.

Happy Holidays!!

Zetti said...

The top crafting tip: Cutting with spellbinders and my Double Do XL.
I linked you in my sidebar.
Zetti :-)

Fany said...

I have a child day care for ten years. I strated scrapbooking about then, with bits and peices. One rule for me, I also applied this rule in my cooking. Prep all the ingredients before you glue or cook. Hi! Hi!

Joanna Lamprou said...

Hi Maria.Thank you for chance to win this candy.My top crafting tip is to store my ink pads upside down.They work better and last longer that way.
I'm off to link you on my sidebar.
Hugs Joanna.

Basteltriene said...

Super candy I linked it on my blog.
Thanks for the chance to win.


crafterGM said...

Hi what a great candy. Sure love them sweets. I have it to my blog.
& for a tip I use some simple green and water to clean my stamps works great goes a long way. Thanks Gloria M.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Thanks for the chance to win this mega candy. I have linked you on my sidebar. I have candy too. There are some great tips here. Mine is ink round the edges of the card your image is stamped on. Marianne x

Katie L Oakley said...

WOW mega candy! :) I have linked you on my side bar and am a new follower! My top tip would be, when layering and using dbl sided tape, never peel off the whole piece of backing (So you dont have a whole strip of sticky). I always fold it halfway and layer then when its perfectly in place, remove the rest! :) Goodluck everyone xx

megline said...

Thanks for the chance to win. Nice candy.
Hugs, Line

dinkuminkum said...

Hi Maria,
Wow - what awesome blog candy you are offering. My best crafting tip for stamper is that when I am heat embossing, I always wipe an anti-static pad over the area I'm stamping beforehand. It stops tiny particles of embossing powder from sticking to places where they're not wanted. Also, if you find that there is some residual powder left on your scratch paper, don't worry about that - collect it up again with the excess embossing powder. It works whether it's in with the embossing powder in the jar, or spread over the paper.
Thank you for the chance to win.


JaneT said...

What is your top crafting tip that you have found to be invaluable to you?

My top tip in crafting is to try out something even if you don't have the "ingredients" listed and see how it comes out.

Lori said...

This is the bestest candy ever!!! I figured if you could use megaliscious, I could use bestest :D

My invaluable tip for today is for creating bows - the Bow Easy makes beautiful (and easy) bows of different sizes!

Thank you for the chance to win! Your candy is posted/linked on my sidebar Here Come visit me sometime - I have a mini candy giveaway on my blog!

Merry Christmas!!!

Love and hugs ~ Lori

JAN said...

wowee thank you for the chance to win my fave thing or tip is embossing flowers in clear embossing powder to create a glossy fabulous look and cosmic shimmer.glimmer mist everything in site lol
artbyjan at googlemai dot com

Anonymous said...

Great candy. I have linked ur candy to my sidebar. Bigshot makes cardmaking more interesting.

wustaz said...

my tip is to collect all your supplies together before you start... it saves time

Annie said...

Top crafting tip is 'Collal glue' - just amazing stuff. when matting and layering I put DSt round the edges but don't remove the tape - I apply Collal in the middle which means I can slide the image around till perfect - allow glue to dry and then remove tape - no wonky lopsided mounting.
Your blog candy is wow - thank you - I will put pic on my side bar.

Ann xxx

Lisa said...

WOW! That is truly megaliscious :) I have linked to you on my sidebar!

Larisa said...

It is a vega candy!!!!! I think everyone would be happy to win it. And I want to try to do it..... Thanks for the chance. I posted it in sidebar as that was requested.
You blog is very interesting ))))

Scrapthat said...

Question: What is your top crafting tip that you have found to be invaluable to you?
Well it is not so much a tip as a slogan that I have found invaluable.."I meant to do that" I don't worry if a small boo boo happens, one it often gives you a "handmade or distressed" look about the piece...Two if it occurs and I have to do something to fix the boo boo I have often found that being creative to do that has made the piece even better than what I had in mind, so it's not an accident it's an opportunity!
Thank you for the lovely candy and for giving me an opportunity to win it! I'm drooling! :)

Golden said...

Thanks for the wonderful chance at your candy. I will now follow and I have posted on my blog. Th most valuable tip I recieved was to not give up. Those first few cards I made were hideous. But, I kept trying. Happy holidays, Linda

Janice M said...

Wow!! Awesome blog candy! I've added a link on the sidebar of my blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

My tip. I always keep a container of alcohol free baby wipes handy for quick clean-ups of stamps, embossing powder, glitter ect!

Mary Lou said...

Hi Maria~~ OM Goodness what a awesome gesture x2 :D Posted about this on my blog~~view HERE.
My top crafting tip~~my oh my I have learned so much in the past 6 months I don't know what to choose. The first tip I learned is to have a very good pair of scissors :D Love my cutter bee and my Tim Holtz scissors!!
Thank you Maria for your generosity!!
Holiday Blessings
Mary Lou

Teri Terrific said...

Thank you for offering great candy! I just found your blog; perfect timing. I, too, have learned so much from reading the tips.
My tip: I like to keep cardstock/paper sorted by color (SU!), or family (PaperTemptress) in hanging folders in a Sterilite file box [WalMart]. With each set of paper, I keep two envelopes;10x13 for half sheets (they don't get lost in the stack this way, 6x9 for small scraps (these are handy for sentiments, punches, or just a "spot of color") I also cut the color family block from old SU! catalogs and adhere them to the upper right-hand corner of the envelopes (or list colors from PaperTemptress). This is a handy way to take the paper with when going to a scrap or get-together!
Hope this is helpful.
Thanks, again for this opportunity.
Teri "Terrific"

Arien said...

Hello Maria! My tip is to recycle old boxes and small tins to keep your surface clean and net where your work.Thank you for this wonderfull giveaway game!

Julye said...

Hi all fab candy it really does look megalicious and I think that word could really catch on.
my tip, apart from alot of what has already been said, my hubby and mum get annoyed sometimes as everything I see or come to throuwing away i first try to think if it could be used to make a craft project eg empty camembert box makes a lovely round gift box, but if you get addicted you could quickly make everyone sick of the cheese. Another would be don't just buy craft supplies from craft stores think outside the box there are so many other stores that sell things you can use on your craft project.
Thanks for the chance to win and have a happy christmas. Piccy uplosading to sidebar Thanks julye

Irene said...

Oh wow, a great candy!
I linked you on my sidebar!
The top crafting tip I found was embossing with the Big Shot, I love it!

Karen said...

Wow what wonderful candy, thanks for the chance to win. My top tip has got to be baby wipes, I use them for alsorts and they're brill for cleaning stamps. I've added you to my sidebar.

Unknown said...

The best thing I discovered was embossing my images with black on watercolor paper and coloring with markers & blender pens... it's my favorite way to color now.

Thanks for the chance to win...this is amazingly megalicious candy. I will add you to my candy bar, too at

Mattie said...

Okay my best 'tip' would have to be the Cricut. I love it!!! You can cut so much and now there is even markers and gel pens! Goodness how its grown. Another tip Ive found is storing ALL my stamps in CD cases. Yes even my wood mounted ones. You can get a special backing so that you can use the wood mounted stamps on the acrylic blocks.
Mattie :)

KarenB said...

Hi Maria, what an amazing, generous gift!! I've linked you up on my sidebar.

My top tip is - be true to yourself and your own style. It's always fabulous to try new techniques and products etc, but finding a way to make them work in your own style is just the most satisfying way to create :)

Vicky Varvadouka said...

well,keep your cornflakes boxes to cut out shapes and keep the packages of your orders to use the coregated chipboard for altered stuff!!! Happy holidays!

Guylaine Seyer said...

Nice blog candy and nice to discover your work!

My most valuable tips ever is inking! When I started scrapbook 3 years ago I did knew about inking borders of my papers. That add a lot to the page.

I also put the link on the sidebar of my blog:

Create With Joy said...

Nice candy Maria - you are posted on my blog's sidebar at:

My best tip? Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things - have fun playing and creating!

Ramona :-)

Viji Siddharth said...

Wow awesome Candy!!!
My tip would be to save all the never know when you can use them!!
I have linked it on my blog!!

inbar said...

wooow what a candy!
my best tip (for the begginers as my self) is read a lot!
readblogs and magazins - find out what you like and start from there. it's o.k to do like the work you see and learn from that.

Kim. said...

Wow love the candy, thanks for the chance to join in.
My biggest tip would be to blog hop alot I find I get most of my inspiration from looking at other people's blogs, it always amazes me what you can learn.
Have linked your candy on my sidebar.
Kim xXx

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

I believe the secret behind a fab project is the colour scheme.
Colour is really EVERYTHING! It makes an ok project Exceptional :)
Katiejane xx

fusiafscrapping said...

Wonderful candy.
Thanks for the chance to win!!!
My best crafting tip is to ALWAYS clean stamps.
BTW I love your blog


KellyW said...

Awesome blog candy! I have posted about your blog candy in the side bar of my blog.

My tip is, Swiffer cloths make cleaning up glitter and embossing powder a breeze!!

Thanks for the chance to win!


Alina Shvedova said...

Hi, Maria!!
Wow! What a super candy you are giving!
I'm novice at scrapbooking and didn't get much tips yet, but I'm sure that the most important tip is that it's better to think over your work before you start to implement it.
I leaved a link to your candy on my sidebar:

noga said...

thank you for the huge candy! my tip is don't afraid to use your paper, because than you'll have a reson to buy more!

icelady said...

Hi Maria, thank you for the opportunity to win such lovely blogcandy, My top tips are to read all the fantastic tips from other crafters, they are invalueable. and to have a bit of tacky cloth (from most car shops) on hand to get up all that fine glitter that gets everywhere. Just off to try and put you in my sidebar

sandra said...

This candy is amazing and thank you for the chance to win!
I'm follower and posted your candy on my blog.
And the best tips I always find on

Anne said...

Wow- what incedible blog candy! My top tip is to try to make yourself use your stamps in many different ways and get the most out of them that you can! I just set up my blog and will see if I can figure out how to link yours to mine!

Lexi said...

never throw any card away lol ok i have boxes n boxes of scrap pieces of card but it gets used :D

fabby candy hun thanks for the chance i am a follower and i have linked your candy 'Here'

Hugs Lexi xxx

Loz said...

Scrumdiddleyocious!! Is that a word? LOL! Your Megalicious candy is Divine!!! I've added your pic to my sidebar. Thanks so much for the chance to win. My crafty tip is when using chalks... a simple spray with hairspray not only sets the chalk, but deepens the colours also.
Wishing you and yours a safe and happy festive season x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for offering this lovely blogcandy and the chance to win this! My top tip is that most paintbrushes are made of pure animal cruelty,but now I only use synthetic brushes.I craft without animal cruelty which is important to me.
I've put a link on my blog: Stempelientje and keep my fingers crossed!
Wishing you also a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010!
Greetings from Stempelientje.

paperpapier said...

posted about your blog candy in my blog here

mgcreative said...

hmm.. the top one that inspiring is bling, i guess :)
it never goes wrong to be added in card :)

mgcreative said...

i already put ur candy in my blog.
thx for the chance :)

Pink Dandelion said...

Hiya many thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy and also thanks for this evergrowing list of handy tips, it has been so helpful. My top tips that I use all the time are to use stick glue over the top of my dst, it gives you a little bit of time to move your paper if it is in the wrong place. Also to tape a plastic bag to your craft table to put all those annoying backing pieces from DST and foam squares into so they don't clutter up your desk. Debs x

rozzyb said...

oh WOW what fab candy... my most useful tip is to use a glue stick over yoir doubleside tape to allow for case you dont place it in the right place first time!!
thanks for this faboulous oppotunity.. i have linked you to my side bar
hugs rozzy xx

Эmilkina said...
that's sooooo gorgeous ! I'm here sitting hoping with my fingers crossed
The top crafting tip I found was glittering and embossing

linnywinnypinny said...

Great Candy! thanks for the chance to win!

My Top Tip: hold a ruler where you want to place embellishments in a straight line (You can use a pricking tool to pick up the embellishment and place against the ruler). - No more wonky gems or words!!

Pauline said...

All I can say is WOW! What megalicious generosity, Maria! Very happy to find your blog in time.... My invaluable Crafting Tip: mistakes can always be covered or altered, and are generally only noticed by their creator, no-one else!

Am I in for two? I've linked on my sidebar, and posted as well....

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

hugs from Australia,

Alexandra Lundgren said...

Thank you for such a great opportunity!

Best tip ever- don't be afraid to mess up!

Second best- pick the paper, then color the image.

Sandy said...

Wow, I AM so addicted to blogs and contests... .When will I ever find the time to make all these great cards?
The best tip I've been given so far, to store my ink pads upside down-simple but very effective, specially cause I am a newbie:) Thanks for your generosity!

julialynn said...

The best tip I have had is to make an art journal and then try anythign you afraid to try on a layout card or other project there first, not only do I get to see if I like it, my journal has become a work of art that I cherish also

Julia C.

Sherry said...

My tip for what it's worth is not to be too precious about anything - that is don't worry if you make a mistake - you can usually cover it up with inks, paints, collage or whatever. Striving for perfection is just too stressful, you can have much more fun if you just splodge and splatter!

Thanks for the opportunity - fantastic blog candy!

Schokomama said...

i love your blog. thanks for inpiration. thanks for the chance to win this wonderful candy

Mina said...

wow wow wow what a mega candy Maria...thanks so much for the chance to win it...I have put a photo of it on my sidebar too
Mina xxx

Naomi Johnson said...

Wow - Mega Candy and a half - thanks for the chance to win. I've linked you into my sidebar.

My tip:- If you want to try something different but have no idea how to do it - ask! ask people on your blog, crafting forums and failing all else; search you-tube! the crafting community accross the world is such a happy bunch and everyone seems willing to lend a hand (and crafting supplies) to give you that chance to have a go!

Anne said...

Hi Maria,
You generous candy is fantastic. Thanks for the chance to win.
I have added your pic to my sidebar and linked back here to your blog.
My tip is to clean as you go, it's easier to find what your looking for for that special card:)
Thanks again.
Anne x

Jorunn said...

Utrolig flott candy. Jeg kan ikke klare meg uten blomster, det har jeg med i det meste jeg lager.

God Jul!

Klem Jorunn

Karin said...

What a hard question, but i guess embrodery on cards, that's just not my thing... :), my mother in law works with it all the time, but it's to much for the elderly in my opinion... (it's a dutch thing i guess, because i haven't seen it overseas yet).
Luv, karin

Penni said...

Hi Maria - What amazing Blog Candy this is, thanks for the chance to win!!

My top tip would be to always clean your stamps after using them - I know, it boring and no one likes doing it, but if you look after them they'll last forever.

I've put a link in my sidebar for you, and am already a follower of your fabulous blog.


Wilma said...

Fantastic Candy - i have put a link in my blog - my top tip would be to just enjoy what you're doing, crafting is such fun and if you make a mistake just try again- oh and another thing - dont be without your pokey tool- invaluable LOL !! xx

Christine said...

What an amazing blog candy!!! I posted a link to your candy in my sidebar.

My top tip would be to get organized! If you can find what you have, you'll actually use it. Plus you will have more time to create if you waste less time looking for something that you know you have, somewhere! (Now I need to take my own advice a bit more.)

paperscissors said...

i find that if there are papers that i do not like i gather them and donate them to a school, then i am left with what i love and am more inspired to use rather than feeling i should use the "ugly" ones up just to get rid of them!

Keeen said...

I am a follower and I put your candy on my sidebar.
The top crafting tip I found was the big shot!!!
Thanks for the chance!

Patti Jo said...

Well you certainly have some generous blog candy! Thank you for the chance!

My top crafting tip: I like things 3D and cut out lots of things. I keep a bag handy with scissors and things that need cutting out so if there is waiting time, it goes quickly when I have these to do. Then I have things readily available to pop on a card.

Linked you to my blog

Domna said...

WOW! Great candy!
My top crafting tip is hot embossing and distressing a paper with a coffee for vintage style! I love that!
I linked your candy on my sidebar.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Caroljenks said...

Hi Maria - Great candy :)

My 'top tip' is to use the gold foil lids you get from butter tubs in your Cuttlebug Embossing Folders - they look FAB!

Have added a pic of your candy and a link in my Candy Jar on My Blog

Thanks for the chance to win.

Carol x

Unknown said...

holy moly what a great prize. the greatest prize of all was finding this site. great site and love everything on it. great job and thanks for you generousity.

Laurie in MN said...

There are so many suggestions I share with new stampers when I meet them at a hobby store. First, quality paper is important. A quality paper cutter is worth the investment. Have fun stamping.

nasuha ahmad helmi said...

hi Maria.
wow,this is such an amazing candy!
this all goodies could coast really expensive here in Malaysia. so really hope i can win this ;p

this top crafting tips that i always used is paper piercing.
i found a tutorial about this technique at splitcoaststamper. i used this technique since i don't have any stamps,so this is the alternative for stamps. it's cheap and will leave great image on any card.

thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing candy! i have linked this candy at my blog. have a nice day and i wish you to have a joyful holiday. =)

Anonymous said...

Hy Maria,

it is amazing and lovely candy..
i'm already ur follower now..
i have link u in my sidebar..
besh wishes for the candy
thanks for the chances
i'm really appreciate..=P

☼ Cheryl* said...

Omg Maria, what a prize!!!
Hmmm top crafting tip... Well I have not been doing it for long but the best tip I would give to someone would be to save every bit of scrap paper/card/anything because you probably will use it again! I save every bit of mine and I use it all eventually!
I'm going to add this to my sidebar for everyone else to have a chance too.

KymKreates said...

The best crafting tip I have learned this year is BLOGS. Man before this year I did not know they existed and now I am addicted to getting all the ideas and tutes from all of the amazing artists out there.

Thanks for the opportunity for the candy. I have linked you on my blog of course.

Jose said...

Thank you for the chance to win your fantastic Blog Candy..
No my tip... mmmm... Well I love to heat emboss, and I started doing it, and then I realised that using a ANTI STATIC BAG to clean up the paper of finger prints made all the difference... so that is my tip.
Jose x

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Maria , Merry Christmas and thank you for the chance to win your candy , I have linked you up on my side bar.
My Best crafting tip I have learnt this year is using Distress inks to colour distress the edge of the paper you have stamped on I think it really finishs things off nicely
Hugs Susie xx

Rosalee said...

Great Blog candy you have there Maria. I added a link of both on the sidebar of my blog. A tip I have found useful is: never use glue especially when there is Double side adhesive at hand. Its much cleaner and easier to work with.
Thank you so much for the chance
XXX Rosalee

shortyrose said...

Hi Maria,

I think using a watertank brush was my best detection. I work with watercolor pencils.

You have a wonderful blog. Many thanks for the chance to win this great candy.


Wilfreda said...

Thanks for the chance to win. My tip: Never throw anything away. You will need it at some point in time.

Creativika said...

What a great candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I linked it on the sidebar of my blog.

Best wishes!

Heike said...

a wonderful Candy. Merry Christmas and a happy new year


Esther said...


Great Candy i'm joining it.
I put the picture with your name on my blog.

Tip:Buy a double do ,you can use it like a cuttlebug but with this one you can buy al the mals you like.
And make it through the double do.

X Esther

rinat said...

The most valuable tip for crafters is: Just craft the way you would like it.

Waw so fab candy, love to win it!
I linked you on my sidebar!
Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Denise said...

I think this is awesome! I would love to win this. I have posted om my sidebar at

Denise Wells

Denise said...

Oh I forgot to post what my tip is...
I love using baby powder after I am done to make sure the adhesives are not showing and sticky anywhere. It also leaves a fresh scent to things!

Denise Wells

Ewik21 said...

What a great candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I linked it on the sidebar of my blog.

Ewik21 said...

second enter. The top crafting tip I found was embossing with the cuttlebug, I love it!
nter .

Raven B said...

My oh my what wonderful candy. My best tip would be to not go cheap. With a few things like glue and trimmers I tried to go cheap. Bad idea. I'm linking you up now. Thanks.

Shemaine Smith said...

Best tip I have learned is to use a nail file to remove excess paper when covering chipboard from Kelly Goree at Winter CHA 2009! Fantastic blog candy!

Marian said...

What a fantastic candy!
Thanks for the chance to win!
My tip that has proved to be invaluble is to use glue dots.
Simply in use. they are very sticky.

Kimmie said...

Hi Maria

First I want to wish you a merry christmas!
I take a look at you're blog and I've seen this awesome candy!
I became one of you're followers and I've put you're candy into the sidebar of my blog.
The thing I want to use is distressing. I think that will be beautifull when I'm going to use it.I've bought distress-ink, but not have use it yet.


Teri said...

Thanks for the chance of winning some fabby candy!
My most useful tip for crafting is a pretty simple one - keep your workspace tidy!! Not that I ever do, but it helps to know where you have put stuff!
Have a great New Year!
Teri xx

Teri said...

Hi, me again.
You are now posted to my sidebar.
Thanks again!
Teri x

Sternenglanz said...

Hello Maria!

This is a very wonderfull Blogcandy with very great things!
Then I will try my Luck!
I Wish you a Lot of Customers and a wonderful rest of second Christmasday!

with best wishes


Kelly said...

Hi Maria,

What wonderful blog candy!

Well I am sure like a lot of crafters that we have all picked up many tips during the years. I choose to share two with you.

1. When tying a bow, make sure when you cross it the first time that you cross your ribbon one direction and then when taking the two loops for the bow part cross it the other direction. It keeps your bow perfect everytime and doesn't give it that skewed look.
2. I am a Stampin' Up rep but love all stamps, to keep things easy to find, I put my scraps of cardstock in file folders so I don't have to search endlessly for what I need or miss something and cut up a new sheet of paper. Each file folder is assigned a color. I also have a scrap'n'tote that has separaters that I do the same with my patterned paper.

Marianne said...

Hi Maria,
And thank you so much for a chance to win this fab blog candy!
My tip would be: If you are putting letters on a project, spell and space it out and start from both sides (e.g from beginning and end of word/sentence), and you'll have enough space for the whole word/sentence instead of ending up with not enough space for your word/sentence.
I'm off to try to put your candy on my sidebar, and I'm a follower!!
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

wow how exciting-this is certainly megaliscious!!!!

i hope you had a fantastic holiday and thanks for the chance to win :)


Ellen said...

Oh wow, what a magalicious candy!
The top crafting tip I found was embossing with the cuttlebug.
I linked you on my sidebar!


Jody L. said...

wow thanks for the chance to win the great blog candy.
My top crafting tip is to keep your work area clean as you go.

Jody L.

Tkat said...

Great candy! Thanks for the chance!

The best tip I've ever gotten is simply to work with what you have! I'm a new scrapbooker/card maker...and when I look at other people's creations I think of how much better my creations could be if I had all those extras. But then I sit down and simply try to make masterpieces with what I DO have...and it works! In fact...they often turn out better than I could have imagined!!! :)

So with what you can always buy that other stuff later!! And in the meantime you leared something! :) blessings!

btw...I added your candy to my blog:

JaneT said...

What a tremendous blog candy giveaway. My tip is to have some kind of system where you can file away scraps according to color. There are so many times you need just a bit of a color and this saves chopping into a whole piece of paper.

Baukje said...

WOW What a generous amount of blog candy, wouldn't I just love to win that.......I adore your work and one day would like to be a able to stamp and colour with confidence.
My tip......ENJOY what you're doing.


Unknown said...

Thank you for offering such a great gift! What is your top crafting tip that you have found to be invaluable to you? I would have to say it's finding other resources into making something crafty. I like to reuse or repurpose items for that. Thanks Bunches! Monica

Dragonlady said...

Hi Maria,

What an amazing candy offer, how very generous of you.

My tip would be - if you don't have any kraft paper use the rolls of paper you sometimes get after you have used up your birthday or christmas wrapping paper - it is very similar to kraft paper.

Link is on my sidebar and my fingers are well and truly crossed!!

Happy New Year.

Hugs Ali x

diana said...

my tip: clean off your work area before starting a new one.

your blog candy is linked on my side bar

RachelH said...

What a prize! My most invaluable tip is to stamp your stamp in Versamark then ink to ink and emboss at the same time! Yeah!

Kathi said...

WOW... what a wonderful candy!!
I linked you to my sidebar.
My top crafting tip is:
First make your project in all the colors you like and THEN color the image *haha* ;-)
I am wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
XX Kathi

Denimo said...

Hi Maria. What fabulous candy you have my dear!! Thanks for the chance to win it!
My tip is a tool -- the bow-easy!! Before I got this, I couldn't make a decent bow for the life of me. Now I can't make a bad one!! It's grrreat!!

Nicola said...

What a gorgeous candy. Thanks for the chance to win. I´ve linked you on my sidebar and I´m a follower now.
And I don´t want to miss my cuttlebug.

Hugs Nicola

Alyssa S said...

Great candy! Thanks for the chance to win - I've also put a link to your candy in the sidebar of my blog.
TIP: Carry a small notebook or post its with you. That way if you think of a card you want to make, you can jot down the details. I don't know how many times I've thought of something great in the early morning, only to have a terrible day at work and not remember what I wanted to do!

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Wow, Maria the Blogcandy is wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar....

My top crafting tip is cut out with the slice, this is so fantastic :-).


I wish a Happy New Year 2010

Claudi said...

Hi Maria,

what a wonderful Candy. I´ve linked it to my sidebar.

My favourite crafting tip? Use foil to stamp on first than see how to place it on your work. Thats great, never again misty paper.

Greetings from Germany


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