Tuesday 6 July 2010

A First and a Last!!

A few weeks ago was Sports Day at my two youngest's school, and this year was a bit eventful as it would be Emma's last Sports day before moving onto High School, but also Nicholas's first! - I even let Michael (Big Bro) take the day out of school to come watch and support - (and to think it wasn't that long ago that he left there!!...and now at only 14 nearly 15 - he towers over me!)

Emma - ready for the beanbag throwing!

Just finishing a race

(Emma & Cherie)
John's House (i.e the yellow team!)
Year 6 - Class of 2010
Having a little break!
Beanbag throwing!!
Nicholas with his friend Luke.
Just about to start the egg and spoon race.
Nicholas with his friend Noah.

It was a good day, the weather was really great!

So, my little girl moves on to high school, and I have 6 more years ahead of sports day - and I'm going to enjoy them all and not miss a single one (haven't done so far!), because time flies too quick, kids grow up so quick and before you know it they're off leading their own lifes. lol


Lynne Gilbert said...

What lovely photos of a memorable day. You must be so proud of your lovely children. Cherish every day because as you say time flies and they grow up so quickly.
Love Lynne. XXX

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swapan kumar said...

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Unknown said...

These kids are really cute.

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