Monday 16 June 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend my daughter and her best friend had their shared birthday party, we took 18 girls and 3 boys to Coral Reef (a swimming activity center - slides, rapids that sort of thing) which everyone really enjoyed and then had 8 back for a sleepover.....great fun until Sunday morning at 6.44 a.m when they all decided to come up the stairs screaming - not the kind of wake up dad was expecting on Fathers Day!! - but girls will be girls...Anyway, after all the girls and boys went home (about +/- 11ish) Dad got his Fathers day card and pressie and lots of attention!!!

Needless to say with all this going on there's not been anytime for crafting and today I've taken the day to clear up the aftermath - I keep walking past my craft room very tempted to go in a do something, but I must resist, I've only just sat down in front of the computer now to catch up on emails etc whilst I have a up of tea and a sandwich! - hopefully all back to normal tomorrow as I have some projects and samples that I really want to get working on.

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Michelle said...

Hi Maria!

Blimey 21 kids to Coral Reef - you deserve a medal!!! My two love it there but they're a handful enough so 21 must have been manic! Your daughter so looks like you - no mistaking which one she is ! It sound like they had a great time - I hope you've recovered. It gets so frustrating when you have to put things like housework ahead of crafting - I don't do enough of either!!!

take care & don't forget to keep us up to date with your workshops etc - always good to hear how everyone's getting on

Love Michelle x

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