Thursday 8 May 2008

Someone Special

I made this card yesterday for one of my best friends Nikki. It was a difficult day for her yesterday, as 10 years to the day she lost her baby daughter shortly after giving birth to her. Moments like this, I find are always difficult, as no amount of words can fill the emptiness, I can only imagine, has been left in her heart, but we just wanted to let her know that we were remembering with her and are always here for her.


Carine Du Toit said...

Hello Maria
I'm Loving your blog it looks o nice. I am slowly getting there with mine and the more I play around with it the better it gets. I just have one question - How did you get your Page title so nice. It looks like you have used a photo the top part of a 12x12 Scrapbook page - It looks so dam nice... any tips on how to get my Page title looking nice as its a bit bland at the mo. Thanks hope all is good... Lovies Carine

Unknown said...

Hi Carine,
Thank you so much for your comments and you are absolutely right, I'm finding my way around just by playing around, editing LOTS of times, but hopefully in time it will get better. Your question with regards to the header, well I'm afraid I cannot claim any effort for it as it was a friend of mine that emailed it to me, I just added the pictures of my kids and dog re-saved it and posted it!...however, at somepoint I would like to change it and really make it more personal to what I would like and I know that there are some sites that will do this for you, but obviously at a price, so at the moment I'm just sticking to what I have. A friend of mine is also building a webpage for me and I may pick his brains and see if he can do it for me. I've attached the address of two sites that I've seen that do this perhaps you can have a look. They are Freckled Fun Designs and also Siggi Shop Hope that's useful to you....LOL Maria x

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