Monday 12 May 2008

Southend - Champions!!!

I've been away for the weekend in Southend. My son's team were participating in a football tournament, and not only did we have a fantastic result with the weather, but they also went through to the finals and came away champions!!!

The rest of the weekend, when we weren't at the tournament, we spent on the beach front, the weather was a beautiful hot summers day, despite taking great care with suncream, I still have a bit of a sunburnt face (very red nose and cheeks!!!). It was VERY busy, but that was only to be expected with the weather.

Anyway, I'm back now and back to business and crafting. I am currently trying to get pictures together of some of my cards etc to put on a slideshow on my blog, so fingers crossed sometime soon (perhaps even later) it may be ready to post!

Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather!......

1 comment:

Traci at PartiCraft said...

Congratulations to your Son it looks like you all had a great weekend x

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