Saturday 1 November 2008

Halloween Witches and Ghouls!! & Parties!.....

I didn't have time to post yesterday, as I was busy taking my little one to stay with his grandparents in London, be back in time to find Michael last minute costume, get Emma and her best friend ready for trick o treat which we all had to be at a friends house by 5.30pm. Well, we made it, (we were about 15mins late!!!) but once there, we all set off, we had a really good time, met lots of other trick o treaters on our round, saw some really good costumes!! (which made me wish that I had had just a little more time to have made ours as I usually do, but was not to be this year!) We ended back at friends for a Halloween party with all the usual halloween party games, kids had an absolute ball! we got back home at nearly 2am!!! - the only thing missing was my little one, but we are off to another party today (a friends 40th) and we cannot take small children!!!

So as you can see guys, I'm going to be somewhat busy today too - the girls (4 of them, 2 teenagers and two 9 year old teenagers!!!!!) are all getting dressed and made up at mine somewhere in there I have to get ready too, and no doubt I'll have to help hubby and son get ready in one form or another! - So, I will probably not have a another post for you today - I'm just sneaking this one in quickly!! (including November blog candy 'till tomorrow! - sorry, but hope you will understand!)

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween and enjoy the weekend!

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