Sunday, 2 November 2008

November Blog Candy!

Halloween gone, parties all over and now we're just left with a dull, quiet Sunday to chill out and recover!! AND of course, November Blog Candy!

This month up for grabs is a brand new and already mounted onto ez-mount stamp from 'Rubbernecker" from the 'little lovins' collection, and aren't they just the cutest! - Well these cuties could be yours and all you have to do in order to be in for a chance to win is leave me a comment on this post by Sunday 23rd November 11pm (GMT) this time, telling me "Roughly how long does it normally take you to create and complete a card?!" - I will randomly draw and announce the winner on my blog on the Tuesday after and as per norm if you mention and link my blog candy on yours I will enter you in twice.

Happy Crafting! & Thanks for playing along.


Lynne Gilbert said...

Soooo... Cute Maria!!! Your card as ussual is lovely.You have a real eye for designing and matching colours, textures and patterns. Thanks for making such regular posts- I enjoy looking at your creations.
Thanks also for another great Candy. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
Lol. Lynne Lynne’s blog

ps : Have added a link to your blog on mine

Lynne Gilbert said...

Sorry Maria. Forgot to mention the time it takes for me to create a card. Depends on what its for but an original design for an order will take me one to two evenings, especially if I have one of those mental blocks. Can happen quite often!!! It's my age I think!!!
If I'm just playing with nothing in particular to do, Then I can often manage 2-3 in an evening!!

Sue Ramsay said...

Cards are beautiful Maria, love the new one too.
Like Lynne I can create loads of cards in one evening if I dont have any specific orders BUT!!!
I kinda dread anyone asking for anything specific because my mind does what my laptop does - hibernates - I think Im happiest just doing my own thing and deciding what it is when its finished lol !

Tracey said...

Hi Maria, to create a card I guess my average is about 2-3 hours (I am slow lol) but sometimes they can take days ;o)

You are linked to my blog (on the right hand side).


ribenaruby said...

thanks for the chance of winning your candy giveaways.
Once I have a mental picture in my head of my creation it only takes me a couple of hours to create.I come to see your blog for inspiration and i get a surprise everytime. You put alot of thought into your creations.Love the gorgeous card!

jay670120 said...

cool blog candy & great blog , If you fancy sharing craft projects ,entering challenges and maybe a chance of winning fiskars products in our monthly competitions come over to

Bubbles said...

Wow great candy such a sweet stamp! I try not to spend too much time on one particular card, the watercolouring of images is the part that takes the longest. Today's card probably took a total of an hour and a half, a simpler card could take half an hour or less, depends what mood I am in!!

Joanne x

Barbi said...

So cute stamp!

It really depend on what kind of card I am doing - if it is simple, it can take half an hour, but I have been doing one for almost 3 hours. It is depending on my imagination and ideas. If it is a good day, than things go faster. :)

Bye, Barbara

pammy jo said...

what a cute image! when i have great inspiration, like from your blog :) cards usually take around an hour. i enjoy making them, so speed isn't usually an issue for me (thankfully!)

Annelies said...

I'm a slow worker so it takes me probably 3 hours or more to finish one card. My problem is I can't sit still. When I have an idea, I have to do something else for a while and take some time to consider if it's a good idea or not. Here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Alice said...

Hi from Italy!
I probably take 3-4 hours to create a card, I am a beginner!! I link your blog candy to my blog, under the section blog candy, and if you want I have a blog candy too :)

Becki and Alan said...

Hi Maria - I love your Blog! Hmmm... how long does t take me to create a card? Some days it can be a matter of a few minutes if I'm on a roll. Other times it can be several hours. Quite often I have several on the go at one time and flit between them, never feeling like I'm getting anywhere, till all of a sudden - several cards finished all at once!

carine said...

this is another great candy..i posted a link on my youe blog and your work..thanks

carine said...

hello, it takes me ..i don't know..depends on the card..but some cards 2 hours other more time

Anonymous said...

hi! lovey stamp!
I link you on my blog

Cheri said...

What a cute stamp! I've linked your post in the candy sidebar at The Paper Freak. Thanks for the chance to win!

Cheri said...

Oooops - forgot to say how long to make a card!

It typically takes me 2-3 hours total. In some cases it can take much longer (like this creation at The Paper Freak). It took me about an hour & a half just to do the doodling, then another couple of hours for coordinating papers, embellies and assembly.

Stitchinwitch said...

I can sometimes make several in an evening but other times it takes several evenings to make 1.

I blogged about your candy. So cute

Oma said...

I will blog about your candy. Really cute, cute couple!

It normally takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to make a card. It all depends if I've already got a layout planned or not. Sometimes when I make a card, I know which paper I want to use etc. but it takes a while to "get it all together."

Julie Temple said...

LOVE your Blog! Your card is adorable...cute stamp!
I can make a "simple card" in about 15 mins, but generally, they take anywhere from an hour to 3 hours, depending on the techniques used. I am a slowpoke...LOL!
I have linked you to my Blog. Thanks for the chance to win that cutie patootie stamp!

pasiakowa said...

Wow.. I came here to see beautiful cards.. and have a chance for the candy ;)

For me it usually takes something like an hour to two - with all the paper and stamps and ribbons picking ;) Depend on how complicated it is :)

All the best to you!

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing this awesome candy. It takes me roughly an hour to make a card, some are quicker if I already know what I want, but usually I change my mind so it took me once three days to make one card that finally came out as I wanted it.

x Natasha x

Pam's Pride said...

It takes me about an hour to creat a card!
I linked you up to my blog!

lalalla said...

What a cute candy! Usually I need 15-30 minutes to make a card

miodo_oka said...

I from Poland.

Very nice candy blog ;]

Jennifer Orbaker said...

Very cute stamp for your blog candy! It usually takes me about 20-30 minutes to make a card, depending on how difficult it is, and if I have an idea of what I'm doing. And it also depends on if the kids are asleep or not, lol!

Manuela said...

What a great candy! Usually I need 2-3 hours to make a card.

I've also linked you on my blog.

Manuela x said...

Hi Maria
very cute card!
I made a card in 2-3 hours, depending on what I want to do... But make cards are my passions!!
I've add a link to you here

bye elisabetta

Melanie said...

thanks for the chance of winning the candy! i've linked you on my side bar.
On average it takes me around 30mins per card

Татьяна Шаргородская said...

Hello! Wonderful stamp!!! Thank you for the chance to get it! It normally takes a couple of hours for me to create and complete a card. I've made a post about your candy here:

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Estonia! Your site is just great!!!
To make a card sometimes it takes 2 hours sometimes 2 days depending on my babygirl mood. She is just 7 months old and doesn't give mommy a lot of time to play with "paper toys". Sometimes she wants to help and I have to start all project from the beginning.

Анна Цурпал (Анютик) said...

Hi!!! Wonderful stamp!!! Thank you for the chance to get it! I've made a post about your candy here:

K said...

Thanks for the chance with the candy :)
It takes me usualy about the whole evening to make a card that I'm really really happy with - luckily I don't make them for living, Id starve, probably.
I blogged your candy here
Bye, Kitty (Slovenia)

Anonymous said...

I try to get 2 to 3 cards done a night, so anywhere from 30 min. to an hour per card. I have placed a link on my sidebar on my blog for your candy.
Thanks for the chance to win these cute stamps

Katarina said...

Love the card! The stamp is awesome too.

It takes me about an hour to make a card when I have a special idea in mind. Otherwise it takes longer because I can't decide. I've even left cards for days to "think over how naughty they've been", lol.
Lately with all the challenges I've entered I don't have time to be too fussy and it's actually more fun that way, even if I'm not totally satisfied with my card every time.

I've written about your candy on my blog:

Thanks for the chance to win. I will be having my own candy soon...

Anonymous said...

Aww this stamp is sooo cute maria! many thanks for doing such a lovely candy! how long does it take for me to make a card, about 45 mins to an hour depending on what sort of design i need to do Carlz xxx p.s have linked your blog

julialynn said...

it usually takes me about 45 mins or so,,,

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm late. What gorgeous stamp. It takes me 2 hours to make a card. I'm new to cardmaking.

Pink Dandelion said...

Hi Maria, I have put a link on my blog. On average I would say it probably takes about 45 minutes or so but some can take a few hours depending on what it is for. This stamp is so cute. Good luck everybody. Debs xx

Аня Весна said...

очень хочеться таких конфеток!!!:) said...


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