Thursday 15 January 2009

The Lords Prayer!

I have been asked by a group of church ladies that are interested in starting some crafting, if I would put together and show them how to make some cards, but that would really only focus on a religious theme - as they are finding it hard to find such cards. I hunted around for some religious stamps without much success and it was only through talking to a very good friend just before Christmas, in the US (that is also quite religious) who said leave it to her, as she new just the thing and would send me some stamps asap and that they would be a gift - this alone was a beautiful gesture! - Not knowing what I was going to be receiving a few weeks ago the new stamps arrived in the post - and they are perfect! - all religious based images and words - I am meeting with the church ladies on Monday and so have been putting some cards together for them - here is my first one.

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