Sunday 4 January 2009

My first Award!

I reecived this fabulous award from Paula today. My very first award, how fantastic - what a great start to the New Year for me and my Blog, thanks Paula - I'm really chuffed! I now have to list 5 things that I'm addicted to so here goes:

1. My Family
2. Anything craft related
3. Photography
4. Cooking
5. Charmed (I received the complete series)

and now I have to pass the award onto 5 other people, so (in no particular order) here goes:

Adele -

Suzy -

Lynne -

Ruby -

Emma -


ribenaruby said...

Thanks so much Maria, I am truly grateful that you have passed this award on to me. Shall put it up on my next post, so happy, what a start to 2009. New Year wishes to you and your family and can't wait for your new ideas.

Lynne Gilbert said...

Hi Maria. Thanks for passing this award onto me. I will be updating my Blog shortly so will include it on my next post. Can't wait to see your tutorials and look forward to your future projects. Love Lynne.

Suzy said...

Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for the award :) Your blog is so amazing - the decoupage fairy is fantastic!!

Happy New Year!

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