Monday 13 October 2008

Cobwebs + Skeletons = Halloween!

There were 3 things that inspired this project for me, one of them is the simple fact that Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, the dressing up the trick or treating, decorating pumpkins etc. to me is all great fun! - The second thing, was the cobwebs on Michael's goal yesterday in the garden, they were just magnificent! and last but not least was Tim Holtz October technique challenge - (I already had the stamps, I just hadn't used them) but when I saw this, I just loved it and had to have a go with some slight alterations i.e it's not a tag and I've added the coffin background feature with the creepy had! It was good fun!

The ingredients for this project were Tim Holtz 'Trick or Treat' stamp set, MR chipboard letters distress inks 'spiced marmalade, vintage photo, cracle paint 'frayed burlap' Jo sonya cracle medium.

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