Wednesday 8 October 2008

New Arrival & Still busy!!

It's true, I'm still somewhat snow'd under this week and one of the reasons for that is 'party invitations' - it's one of my closest friends 40th Birthday and she is having a "big" lavish party and asked me if I would do the invites for her - all 170 - so I printed (picture of her choice and not allowed to mention "40") cut, glued, embossed, glittered, made bows and now I just need to trim these bows and add the bling and voila! - here is a glimpse of just a "portion" of them - the last 40 to be precise! I'm just glad its over and done now - can't wait for the actual party now!
And on a lighter (and more exciting.....sorry Nik!!)) note I had two deliveries today, one was my new Whiff of Joy stamps, I've just had time to ez mount them and hopefully tomorrow I'll have a play!! AND my new Prismacolor pencils (120) set - now just waiting for my 'Copic markers' to arrive from Japan! (they are a VERY late birthday pressy!!) - and I will be putting an order in for my new Janome set too from Particraft - have I made you jealous yet??!!
Bye for now!.....

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